Saturday, 21 December 2013

Facebook Chatting Box Trick

Facebook Chatting Box Tricks :-)

  1. How can I use my face in Chatting Box :-P.
  2. And How can I use unusual,multicolour Font in Chat Box :-P.
These are some tips for Facebook chatting box. Watch the tutorial you will learn how can you use your face in chatting box and also how can you use Font with multicolour. This is quite interesting method watch 1 mint tutorial you will learn some thing interesting I hope.
Lets See:
           User Profile Picture in Text Box.
                                                        To use your picture in Facebook Chatting box what you need to do is just put four large square brackets " [[]] " (without quotas) and just write your name in that and lastly press Enter you will see your profile face in the chatting box.
facebook chatting box trick
Profile Photo Trick Of Chatting Box
            Cool Font in Chatting Box.
facebook chatting box trick
Facebook Chatting Box Font Trick

Codes For Font are given below.

Trick to use the above codes in chatting box:

  • Copy and Past any of the value from above and past it in chat like:  [[107015582669715]]
  • Remember always leave "Space" in between two character of codes. as like : I want to write MIK so I will copy these code from above in this order [[106596672714242]] [[109294689102123]] [[106596672714242]] and then press Enter.
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