Sunday, 17 August 2014

I run my own blog now

i am much happy running my blog by my own domain name :-) .. thanks people for visiting my this blog .. i will be thanks full to you if you visit my blog site also

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Cool Youtube Downloading Trick

Download Youtube Videos without any kind of software. So here is the cool trick you should see through

  • Go to Youtube and Find the video you want to download.
  • Now add save or ss or kick before youtube and press enter.
  • As I am doing with the following 
        •       After Entering you will be redirect to a new webpage where you can download the video in any format. You can also download any video's audio in MP3 format.

        Tuesday, 28 January 2014

        A Simple way to Save any Webpage in PDF Format in less then 30 seconds

        A Simple way to Save any Webpage in PDF Format

                 It will be much helpful if you want to read any artical in offline mode special when you lost your internet connection with this simple trick you will be able to save any webpage in PDF format in less then 30 seconds. Now what you need to do :

        1. Go to any webpage you want to convert to PDF.
        2. Now Press Ctr+P to open print dialogue box.
        3. Now Find the destination tab(in chrome it will be on left side) and change it to "Save as PDF" and hit Enter.
        4. And now lastly above the destination tab just Save the PDF. You have don it. 
        Now enjoy your webpage in PDF format
        Regard MIK.


        What is Phishing ?

                            Phishing is one of the type of hacking . It is a method of acquiring sensitive information such as username, password, bank information etc. Phishing pagecould be saif as an duplicate page of real one. Its look exactly similar as the real page.But when user enter sensitive information on such phishing page his information is send to the E-mail address provided in the phishing page or you can say the one who created that phishing page.

        Hacker Phishing

        Phishing page is mostly send via mail. Target of phishing are mostly social networking sites like facebook, orkut etc. Also Banks website to acquirecredit card details,website like yahoo, gmail are also target of phishing.

        Wednesday, 25 December 2013

        How to get Facebook Pass. With free software

        Getting Facebook Pass with free Software:
                              You can get any facebook profile password with free software which I have mentioned in the tutorial. You should watch the tutorial how can you achieve any one's Password. This was impossible before some months ago. But now it is possible with this software.
        And if it doesn't retrieve the password then there must be some problem with you p.c, internet connection or security firewall of your p.c.
        Infact we know that Facebook has the world most secure social network. But we also know that no system  is perfect in the world. So to hacking Facebook accounts MIK stuff team created a software which really works. This quite simple and quick tutorial of using the softwares. So take a look and stay with tutorial for 4:20 minutes.
        Regards MIK

        Changing Hair Color Quick Tutorial Adobe Photoshop Cs6

        How to change Hair Colour in Adobe Photoshop?
        How to colourize hairs in Adobe Photoshop?
        Tutorial for changing the colour in Adobe Photoshop.

        Video Tutorial :

                               In this tutorial I will show you how to change the hair colour in an easy way using Adobe Photoshop Cs6 tools. Since Adobe Photoshop is the designing software which is widely use in every field. I am using Adobe Photoshop Cs.6 in this tutorial. I used some of the cool Cs.6 advanced tricks. Must watch the tutorials and I hope you will learn lots of things from this tutorial.

        If you have any query about Adobe Photoshop or about my blog so you are free to send me message and to leave comment down. I will be thankful.
        Regards MIK 

        Monday, 23 December 2013

        How to change the background in Adobe Photoshop quickly

        How to extract back ground in Adobe Photoshop?
        How to remove background in Photoshop?
        How to change the background in Photoshop?
        How to put another picture in Photoshop?

        These are the questions which mostly the beginner search for their answers. Well in this tutorial I will show you in few and very easy steps that how can you extract background from your Photo in Adobe Photoshop Cs.6. In this tutorial I used the most known tools of Adobe Photoshop which are really familiar. This is tutorial about 4 mints. If you will watch this I am sure you will learn lots of techniques and cool stuff in it. So stay with me till this tutorial. And if you need more help in Adobe Photoshop CS.6 you can visit my AdobePhotoshop CS6 tutorials page.

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        Thanks for watching
        Regards MIK.