Monday, 23 December 2013

Chat in Command Prompt(cmd) Trick

Chat in Command Prompt(cmd):

Its quite common if some one says I use Yahoo or MSN for chatting, But what if I say that I use Command Prompt for chatting :-P. It is quite unusual if some one say I am using Command Prompt for chatting. But infact you can chat in Command Prompt there is quite easy way to do it. You don't need to install third party software or plugins for it. What you need just an IP Address of your partner and that's it. The steps are given below go through these steps you will be able to send messages via Command Prompt.

What you need to do
  • Open Notepad write the following coding in that or copy from here and past there.
    @echo off
          echo MESSENGER
            set /p n=User:
              set /p m=Message:
                net send %n% %m%
                    Goto A
                    • And save it with extension '.bat'. And Run it.
                    • You will be asking for User, Give the IP Address to as a User and Press Enter and then you will be asking for Message, write what ever you want. Then you just have to Press Enter. Remember this is for local area network. And in some cases message can not be deliver just because of some cases like firewall etc.
                    it should be look like this.
                              Message: Hi

                    These where the steps through which you will be able to send messages in command prompt apply these steps on your p.c if your p.c is connect to a network and see it will work 100%.

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